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Budget 2014: how good politics can trump good economics

The days leading up the budget are hectic as many in the Treasury are busy devising financial gimmicks to please the electorate. This forthcoming budget is particularly important as next year’s budget will be too close to the election to … Continue reading

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US Politics and the Health of a Nation

Some semblance of calm has descended over Washington after the farce of the government shutdown. But it would be a stretch to say that things have returned to normal and the full extent of the economic damage will not be … Continue reading

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The UK Economy: The Retreat of the Makers

If the Chancellor George Osborne is to turn his vision of reinvigorating our manufacturing sector, the so called “march of the makers”, he and his government colleagues need to develop a coherent industrial policy. The public policy debates which focus … Continue reading

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Immigration: Lies, Dammed Lies and the Daily Mail

It times of economic turmoil it is common to direct venom at others.  And immigrants are an easy target.  This was a feature of the 1930s and the 1970s in the UK – with immigrants being ‘blamed’ for taking ‘our’ … Continue reading

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Governments and growth

Last week, ‘two lads from the ECB’ contributed to the debate on the state of the economy. They were cited by the venture capitalist, Jon Moulton, on Newsnight, as providing evidence that Governments harm growth.  It was contribution which showed … Continue reading

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The FT: defending zombie economics

There is an entertaining debate (well, it is entertaining if you are an economist) in the FT about the conduct of economic policy in the UK.  On the side of realism is Martin Wolf who argues that Britain’s austerity is … Continue reading

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The OBR and the impact of austerity

The Office of Budget Responsibility has given the Prime Minister a public dressing down.   Robert Chote, the OBR’s Chairman, has clearly stated in an open letter that the Government’s austerity policies have harmed economic growth.

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