Immigration rhetoric is a threat to Britain’s long-term growth

Immigration has risen to the top of the political agenda in the UK.

And the popular press has been propelling the bandwagon.  ‘We must stop the immigrant invasion’ according to the Daily Express and ‘enough is enough’ according to the Daily Mail.  The Sun columnist, Jane Moore has argued that ‘immigration fears are all about the numbers, not race’.  But the numbers show that the fears are unfounded and that immigration is good for growth.

What is the extent of the ‘invasion’? According to the latest official data (see Chart), net immigration was approximately 212,000 in the 2013.  And why are they invading? To seek asylum according to public perceptions (see: Blinder, Political Studies, 2013).  The reality is of course different. The main reasons for the ‘invasion’ are to study and to work.   And these migrants have a positive effect on the British economy.

Full Bog continues here on The Conversation website.

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